Inspired by the new style of jazz made in the UK, StapleClouds is a Dutch jazz quintet that plays a fusion of jazz, afrobeat, hip-hop and funk. The group delivers an energetic live performance during which they demonstrate that jazz can offer a far more immersive experience than just listening with your eyes closed. StapleClouds invites their audience to hum, sing and dance along with the music, and fully submerge themselves in its vibrant energy. With a repertoire of contemporary works to which they give their own touch, the band wants to bring this new and energetic jazz to the Netherlands. The group consists of up-and-coming musicians studying jazz at the conservatories of Groningen and Zwolle. All five members are deeply invested in the rich and vibrant music scene in Groningen and help to keep it innovative and buzzing. StapleClouds is: Jan Jeneson, Saxophone Johan Boekema, trumpet Marnick Postino, Guitar Joost van der Bijl, Bass Christian Rockeman, drums

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